The Sirian Seal in a Crop Circle Formation.

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Peace and much Love, the God in me salutes the God in you!

I received this message today and I thought I'll share it with you as soon as possible. The Sirian Seal has been spotted in a Crop Circle formation, and the similarities are amazingly accurate. Please check it for yourself as its in the fifth page of this tribe's photo album. I have also posted a brief message from Patricia Cori, a quick description on The Sirian Seal and a link up to the



Hey Everyone!
Thank you for the outpouring of emails and messages
As we all gaze in awe at this remarkable crop circle and celebrate the connection.

I am just as excited as you!!

“This is the ultimate reunion, the greatest festival of life emerging And we are with you.
We recognize you, lightworkers of Gaia.
We know you.
Children, we salute you.”

The Cosmos of Soul

Great things are happening.
Keep working your magic!

Starseed Tool of Transition

Patricia Cori

“You walk in a world of shifting sands and falling icons, trying to keep an even pace. It is a time in which you are experiencing the opening of galactic portals and a closing of Earth temples – the merging of ages. Innocent and oh-so-curious, you are buzzing with new frequencies, spinning into the unknown … reaching out to the stars, just as you call the stars back into you.

With all that you are confronting and placing into your fields of probable realities, it is high time you understood the importance of creating sacred space, shielding your energy fields and expelling all but the highest energies. It is time you truly understand what you are creating when you reach out to the astral, calling into you beings from other dimensions.”

The Sirian Seal has been gifted to us at this time to serve this purpose. Within its sacred geometric form lies the holographic blueprint that you can effectively utilize for:

Electromagnetic Shield
Aura Amplification
DNA Activation
Tachyon Energy Stimulation
Improved Health & Well-Being
Crystal Enhancement
Energy Balancing

“We, humble servants of the light, bequeath to you a transitional key to the opening of your sacred doorways: this sacred seal. Step across the threshold, knowing we will be there. We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council.”
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  • Hello there new member. I don't know if this message will get through to you so I'll make it brief and to the point.
    Those who are interested in the star Sirius sign on with me.
    I have the means to show you around.
    I just sent off a message to another member but I got back a message notification of failure.Maybe the same thing will happen with this one.I hope not and here goes.
    The star Sirius in the Andromeda Galaxy has one solitary planet in its soar system. A Jurrassic planet.Dinasaurs still live there.
    The atmosphere is similar to the earths but has ten percent Argon.An inactive gas,but it makes breathing without assistance difficult.Thats why I called the planet Zargon.
    I can show you around if I can get my vehicle from Kirtland airforce base.New Mexico.
    I'm hoping if I can get enough wizz kids together we can work this minor problem out.
    Theres no human life on that planet.The most advanced is a mammal.A dog like creature which is a favourite food of the pterydactyls.The flying dinasaurs.They swoop on them and take them aloft with their claws before dropping them down to the ground to kill them.Some survive.
    There are far more interesting planets in our Milky way galaxy.
    If I can get my vehicle,and I can with enough concerted help from you,I'll show you around.
    Don't all rush me with questions.Get a spokesperson and reply to me that way. I can give you all a full and clear idea of our possibilities.
    I'm serious. If you are come along if you aren't,hang around by all means,I want you to have fun,but please give me a chance to talk to the ones who want to travel.
    Please advise me immediately you receive this message so I can adjust my controls and communications with you all.
    You've earned yourself a galactic scout ship,uniform and kit and flying instructions for yourself and eleven friends,FREE.Delivery will be about a day after I get my vehicle. On which,incidentally,I have a five million dollar (US) c.o.d.The money is inside the vehicle prepared for such a problem that Im faced with now, Contact Cyborgnian repltile-3-I for details.Congratulations.
    Over to you. Are you receiving me??? over.

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